[[The Goblin Tower]]

The Goblin Tower is prominent feature located some four to five day’s journey north of Ainsleigh, near the rustic village of Haverpool. Once the tower was an elven watchtower, built when Sael Dynathyr controlled the area, and designed to keep and eye on the orcs, goblins, and rogue human settlements in the north. When the Syralian Empire moved into the area, it used the tower to base a cohort of legionnaires. When the Syralians left, a local family of half Syralian, called the Aparian family, sued the tower as their fortress, ruling a small kingdom until their line died out.

The tower was then occupied for a time by the wizard Amanandrias, a half elven wizard who sought out the local Zhuvani ruins for relics of their evil, arcane might. He controlled the tower until, in a fit of Midian induced madness, he attempted a ritual too powerful for him and perished. The tower was then reoccupied by the elves of Sael Dynathyr, who attempted to restore order in the area.

When Hugh Valaruine and his crusaders swept over the elves, carving out the Valaruine kingdoms, the tower was occupied by the de Hainault family, used as their feudal bastion in the area, but when Braedon de Hainault died in battle against the orcs of the Blood Stained Axe, his family died out and the tower became merely a lonely ruin marking the deteriorating border north of Ainsleigh.

Sixty years ago, the sorcerer called Greensleeves occupied the tower and claimed he area around it, including Haverpool, as his feudal domain. He was unacknowledged by the Lord King of Valaruine, but since the tower was in a turbulent frontier area, far from Valaruine City, no much was done. Greensleeves ruled the area for a decade, abusing the local peasantry in his mad attempt to transform into a dragon, until he was stopped by defenestration by the adventuring company Mayhem Incorporated. After that, the tower sat empty again for twenty years.
Some thirty years ago, the Goblins, united under the Erlking, occupied the tower and began the Goblin Scourge that threatens the area to this day. They have turned Haverpool into an armed camp, where the humans toil as slaves to the Goblins, and the Greensleeves’s Tower is now know as the Goblin Tower. It is the stronghold of goblins in the area, and is the launching point for many of their raids to the south against Ainsleigh, Port Town, and Circle Keep.

For some time, the tower has been occupied by the goblin Shatter Shield tribe, and their most recent leader is Rizzulak the Gruesome. Rizzulak is rumored to be the leader of the Shatter Shield goblins of the Goblin Tower. He is supposed to be a goblin of particularly repellant visage, and is a powerful shaman and summoner. He is the absolute leader of the Shatter Shields, and commands the loyalties of the three captains, Argash the Red Hand, Shar the Brutal, and Zagar the Head Hunter. He also commands a fierce ogre body guard named Namarashk the Gullet. No goblin has been able to challenge him since he seized power ten years ago from the goblin war chief Jaggak the One Eyed.

Ezarhaddon Silverdrake has for some time been trying to get the tower cleared out, but the Knights of the Circle are hard pressed holding the line near the Thorn Wood and the Thunder River, and cannot spare troops, and the town militia is unable to leave the area for fear of another surprise goblin raid like the one five years ago. Silverdrake has several tasks available, with posted rewards for any adventurer that takes them up.

  1. Kill Rizzulak the Gruesome.
    • Reward: A potion that will raise a stat by two points, plus a +3 magic item.
  2. Kill Grishpa the goblin sorcerer.
    • Reward: A +2 magic item.
  3. Kill Pashaak, the goblin summoner.
    • Reward: A +2 magic item.
  4. Kill the three captains, Argash the Red Hand, Shar the Brutal, and Zagar the Head Hunter.
    • Reward: A +1 magic item and double Exp.
  5. Kill Namarashk the Gullet.
    • Reward: Double Exp.
  6. Find Greensleeves’s Alchemeum.
    • Reward: 1,000 Exp each
  7. Find Amandrias’s spell book.
    • Reward: 1,000gp each.
  8. Destroy Amandrias’s summoning circle.
    • Reward: A 2 magic item and a +1 magic item.
  9. Clearing the tower.
    • Reward: 20% Exp bonus.

[[The Goblin Tower]]

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