Ezarhaddon Silverdrake

Mysterious Sorcerer who runs the Enchanted Elixer magic shop in Ainsleigh


Sorcerer, human, male, level? Alignment: NG


Ezarhaddon Silverdrake is a cipher to most in Ainsleigh. He arrived about twenty years ago and set up a shop selling potions, scrolls, and odds and ends magic items. He is apparently an accomplished alchemist and scribe. No one knows where he is from, and he declines all comment on his past. He is known to actively recruit adventurers to deal with the many threats to the town, and has been trying for years to get a group to clear out the Ruins of Zarathos’s Tower as well as the Goblin Tower. He is a tall, slender human male, of middle age. He has silver hair, and has a tattoo of a silver dragon on his left cheek.

Ezarhaddon Silverdrake

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