Important Documents

Several important documents have now been recovered by the party from the ruins of Zarathos’s Tower. These documents indicate something is definitely amiss in the area.

Document bundle 1: Recovered from the Dark Temple of the dungeon, they indicate that the Blood Priest was in contact with someone or something called variously in the text the Whisper in the Shadows and Lord of Whispers. The Blood Priest’s cult was Talathos based, but their emphasis wasn’t on new converts. They were ordered to kidnap townspeople at random and only allowed to keep one of three for conversion. The rest were to be turned over to the smugglers for shipment on either the Black Gull under Captain Smael or the Red Witch under Captain Sarnos Green Blood for shipment to Devil’s Staircase Cove, where there is some sort of smugglers camp, for shipment to the Goblin Tower for Rizzulak.

Document bundle 2: Recovered from the smugglers on the beach, indicated that the two smuggler ships were receiving orders from Rizzulak at the Goblin Tower, and that they were using the smuggling profits to purchase arms and equipment from the bandits at Castle Fell. They also hired the Black Iron company of evil adventurers to keep adventurers from exploring the ruins under Zarathos’s Tower.

Document bundle 3: Recovered from Aramon de Rose, the Rose Enchanter’s tower. These are more recent, and were apparently being delivered by the orc rogue Arahk to de Rose. They indicated that Rizzulak was becoming very displeased with the failure of the Dark Temple, the Hooded Society, and the smugglers to prevent the heroes from wrecking operations in the town. It mentions hiring the Bloodroot family of halfling assassins to get rid of Talis Honeydew in an effort to distract the party from the ruins and keep them from leaving town. De Rose was to be paid handsomely by Rizzulak to achieve this, as well as to slowly charm the members of the town council to do his bidding. Rizzulak seems very interested in the adventurers, and received descriptions of all of them from de Rose.

The Story Thus Far

Ansleigh has for 15 years now suffered the threats of the goblins and humanoids to the North, with only the shield of the Knights of the Circle to protect the town. Now, a new group of brave heroes has arrived to protect the town and carve names and fame for themselves.

Coming Soon: The Honeydew Sisters Magical Muffin Emporium
Magically Delicious

I will have a listing of the Honeydew Sisters complete offering of muffins, including their extremely popular dingleberry flavor. Alsm exps to Roy for editing work.

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