Mad Meg

Quite Mad Wizard who runs Mad Meg's Shop in Ainsleigh


Human, Female, Wizard:?, Alignment: CG


Margaret Fairwind was born and raised in Ainsleigh. Ten years ago, she and a group of local adventurers heard stories of how Julian and Maxwell Childs went off and made names for themselves in the far west, in a place called the City of Crypts. They eagerly embarked on a grand adventure, making their way to the city. They were successful, until they decided to make one last, big treasure run, hoping to get enough to return home and retire. Meg was the only one to walk out alive from the Temple of Crimson Shrouds, and she was quite mad. She made her way back home to Ainsleigh, and she has set up shop in Downwind, along the river, on a ramshackle pier. There, she sells various magic items, as well as many seaweed based products. She can apparently shape change, as she constantly appears as different women of different ages. She hates sorcerers, squids, reptiles, anything Midian, and evil. Despite her insanity, she does good business at the shop, and she is an accomplished enchanter.

Mad Meg

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