Ainsleigh is where it all began, over thirty years ago. It takes place in the small seaside town of Ainsleigh, which is a semi-independent barony located on the far western border of the Valeruine Kingdom, on the island of Albyss. Here, the adventuring company Mayhem Inc. began its adventures. This small campaign, which is focused on pulp style adventuring and dungeon crawling, gave rise to City of Crypts, but remains my favorite campaign as it deals with what I consider the classic style of adventuring which attracted me to first edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, namely no earth shaking or universe destroying events, no insanely over powered epic villains, no great moral or spiritual quandaries. Its all about individuals who realize that farming sucks as a profession, and that if you want to get ahead and leave your mark on the world, get out there and loot dungeons and kill monsters, before heading back to the tavern to carouse and wench.


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